the dean (iamthedean) wrote in iheartmydorm,
the dean

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community for dorm guys

We're the guys living on campus. High School/Academy/College/University IT DOESN"T MATTER!! You may love it or hate it. You have an annoying roommate? We've all had one! Financial office being a thorn in your side?! Tell us about it. Cafeteria food keeping you alive... i'm sorry. Up all night studying/partying/chatting/vacuuming/eating ramen... hey ya gotta do it sometime! We've got our own lives to deal with, tests to fail, scholarships to keep, and deans to impress. Keep it down to earth. This is the real deal. No sugar coating going on here. Feel free to bitch about your day, or share the moment you out smarted that one professor. Be proud of your educational career, no matter how dull it may be.
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