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hello all, iam new here, n im also n first year at old westbury college, n i was wondering if anyone had anything thoughts on wat the hell i can put on the dull white walls, i was thinking posters but that can be to cluttering, please help
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Give us some kind of an idea of what style you're going for! ;)
The only things I can think of (I'm going to be a freshman, too) would be a whiteboard/corkboard; they'll definitely come in handy. You could also try putting pictures of friends and family on a concentrated area on the wall.

Other than that, *shrug*
my roommate last year put a big tapestry up, which added a lot of color in the room. It was thin and hung with tacks and that blue stick-on stuff quite well. I liked that look quite a bit.
I'm also going to be an incoming freshman(at Arizona State) and my friends and I have all been trying tocome up with ideas(we being the creative people we are). Here are some ideas of stuff my friends and I made/are making, but that you could probably buy if you're not a huge arts and crafts person.

I bought 2 12" by 12" frames that have a 1 and 1/2 inch wood border around the outside(the wood is meant for decorating). I then bought colored ribbon and colored rhinestones, and used puffy paint I already had to decorate them. I bordered the first one in 5 stripes of ribbon to cover the whole thing(from outside to inside-dark purple, pink, blue, pink, light purple). I then used blue and pink small rhinestones and clear rhinestone stars to decorate the ribbon. I used puffy paint to write on the other one(along the 4 sides it said The University of the Arts, Summer world of Dance, Philly, 2004). I also used rhinestones to makes decorations on that one also. The first frame(with the ribbon), I'm going to make a collage to go in it of all my friends from home. The second one, I'm going to make a collage to go in it of my friends from this summer program I went to for a month(in Philadelphia).

I'm then going to use the leftover ribbon I have to decorate my bedposts and other places in my room.

I'm cutting posterboard out into fun shapes I like(like a margarita glass, and a flip-flop) and I'm going to use magazines and pictures to make fun collages in those shapes.

I'm going to buy an inexpensive bulletin or cork board and cover it in fabric, then put ribbon on it(so it criss-crosses) and it's like a memo board that I can put pictures and things on, and the ribbon will hold them up.

I'm going to type up all of the quotes and song lyrics I really like, and I'm going to use pictures and the quotes/lyrics and make them into a collage(can you tell I love collaging?!).

I have this thing I made where I took 7 different fabrics(solid red, purple, green, orange, pink leopard print, yellow with glittery shoes, and blue with a multi-colored piping design) and I cut them into 63 squares total, and I mixed them up to create this big thing to hang on my wall. And I'm going to hang things up in the squares(like pictures and other meaningful things).

I'm forgetting my other ideas, but you can also take things (like a solid-colored trash can) and you can use ribbons and rhinestones and stuff to make that more unique! :)

Hope that helped a little! Good luck!
I decorated my room with stuff off my wall at home, mainly postcards and photos, that I put up with sticky tack. You could also cut pictures and stuff out of magazines and make a collage. A bright bed spread would probably make the biggest difference. If you want, you can see pictures of my room here.
I hope this is helpful!