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Hi my name is Kate and I'm heading into my second year at the University of Alberta as well as my second year in dorms. I am getting a double room once again because I can save $$ which is a really big thing for me.

I have storage down to a science, I think. My desk has lots of drawers and shelves, my bed has 3 huge drawers, and I have a set of six drawers, then a closet above it. Then there is some overhead storage too, along the door. It's all built in stuff, aside from the bed, so it is study stuff. I have milk crates to move stuff and to use as shelving that will go in my closet. I don't have a lot of space persay but they definately gave us tons of storage.

My issue here is that during the winter, it is dark around 5ish, or at least it's heading in that direction quickly. I have class from 8-5 MWF and 9:30-5 TR (With some breaks in between but I won't be heading back to dorms, usually, during these times). I have 5-7 weekly assignments this year and I am usually drained by the end of the day. Drinking lots of water, and trying to watch what I eat (very hard with our mealplan and the choices offerred on campus) but winter nights+horrible dorm lighting, KILL ME. I picked up a desk lamp that helps somewhat, but I need some suggestions to brighten up my space, sans paint of course. I have a huge bulletin board that covers one wall that I cover with posters from bands and pictures. My sheets are bright yellow and they cheer me up but usually they cheer me up enough so I end up passing out on them hehe.

Does anyone here have any suggestions on what I can do to lighten the space up?
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