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iheartmydorm's Journal

I <3 My Dorm
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Anybody , Moderated

A community for college students (or soon-to-be students and anyone else) to talk about their dorms, ask questions, get decoration tips, show off photos of their rooms, or talk about the dorm life. The main point is for students to show off their rooms and prove that dorms can be well-decorated, but discussions about dorm life in general are welcome too. The main goal of the community is just to have fun. LJ communities shouldn't be boring or a chore to read, right?

1 // Photos of rooms are encouraged, but only if they're under an LJ-cut. Some people may have slow connections and will want warning. Photos that are acceptable are ones of the room itself, the dorm building, hallways, your roommate etc.

2 // Posts asking for help or advice with decorating are fine, as are posts making requests. Show off your room, talk about different aspects of dorm life (noisy neighbors, crowded bathrooms, ugly tile floors, etc) but try to keep the posts on topics. This community is for dorms in general, so asking about certain halls on certain campuses probably won't get much response.

3 // Don't insult other members, don't post quiz results, lyrics, or things unrelated to the community. Overall, be respectful. Just have fun!

Any and all questions or concerns will be handled by lunacava, the mod.